Copy Paste Multiple Items at a time using ClipX

Have you tired of copying and pasting single item again and again? Do you want to hold multiple items, text, images etc. at a time in the clip board? In this article I will explain how to copy multiple and manage your clip board. Copy Paste Multiple Items.

Copy Paste Multiple Items

Install ClipX – Clip Board Manager

The first thing you have to do is install a clip board manager.
Click here to download.
Or visit:

Once you download the installation file. Click on it to open. Run the installation.
Copy Paste Multiple Items
Now open “CLIPX” from desktop shortcut or by double-clicking the icon in taskbar. You can also open it from Start Menu.

You will get ClipX window opened. In this window you will find four tabs on the left side and each tab will have some option.

Click on each tab on the left column to see its option. You can change options that meet your requirements and needs.

General Tab:

In this you can specify how many items you want to keep in clip board. For example say 25. Once you start copying all the 25 items will be saved in clip board. More than 25, previous ones will be deleted. You can set limit as high as 1024 or minimum as 4.

Copy Paste Multiple Items

Click on checkbox “Run ClipX on Startup”. You will get ClipX started always when the computer is started. No need to open ClipX again. It will start automatically. So you can copy multiple items simultaneously.
I recommend you not to change any other option. Defaults options are fine. Let them be as they are.


These are shortcut keys for some actions like paste and see history etc.


Change the first hotkey that is “Primary Paste”.
Keep the primary paste hotkey as “Ctrl + V”.
Navigate hotkey as “None”.
Google search hotkey as “Ctrl + Shift + G”.
Now start copying the text. Copy two or more different items. (Text or images). When you press “Ctrl + V” you will get drop-down list of items you copied. Click on any one of them to paste. Thank you now you can Copy Paste Multiple Items.

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